Educational Programmes

Educational Programmes

Educational Programmes

The George Museum offers a range of educational programs for school groups. The following curriculum-related education programmes are annually presented at the George Museum.

The Architecture of George

The historical buildings in George, built in the 18th and 19th century as well as the different architectural styles are presented (Grade 10/11: Civil Technology and Creative Arts).

Local History Education Programme

The history of George, its first inhabitants, town development, historical buildings and churches are presented (Grade 4: Social Sciences / History).

Slavery Education Programme

This programme explores the history of slavery in the Southern Cape (Grade 5: Social Sciences / History).

Medicinal Plants

Scientists agree that people developed in Africa millions of years back. Thus traditional African medicine is the oldest and most tested type of medicine. Through hundreds of years these recipes were passed on orally from family to family. A lot of these medicines are still being used today. In this programme eight indigenous plants are introduced including a practical: making of medicine(Grade 10/11:Social Sciences: History / Natural Science:Biology).

The History of Medicine

The history of western, indigenous and traditional medicine Barnard, Pasteur, Curie) is presented.: (Grade 6 : Social Science/ History).

San/Khoekhoen Education Programme

This programme explores the lifestyle, food, beliefs and clothing of the San/Khoekoen and also includes a practical bracelet making session (Grade 5: Social History / History).

Explorers and Fortune Hunters Education Programme

This programme explores the history of Dias and Da Gama as well as a PowerPoint presentation of the caravel (Grade 6: Social Science / History).

Fossil Education Programme

What are fossils, reasons for formation, types of fossils and why we study fossils. Clay practical included(Grade 5 – 7: Social Sciences / History).


This programme introduces learners to the basics of ecosystems (Grade 11: Social Sciences: Geography).